executive structures 


Your Objectives
You require an executive structure that will:

  • Align executive responsibilities with strategic and operational objectives
  • Ensure that your goals are met
  • Maintain high productivity levels and employee satisfaction in your organization
  • Maintain each executive's sense of awareness of their role in the success of the organization
  • Maintain a good sense of leadership within your organization

How We Can Help

  • Help you develop Corporate Executive Structures
    • Identify the key criteria for executive structuring
    • Examine existing executive structures for strengths and weaknesses
    • Align structure with strategic and succession requirements
    • Clarify global versus regional structures
    • Assess what changes need to be made for a better-suited structure
    • If no structure exists, determine what type of organization would work best based on the needs of the organization
    • Define each executive role within the executive structure

  • Help you clarify roles of executives and management within existing structures
    • Examine the needs, resources and goals of the executive group
    • Define a given role within the company, given the priorities and resources available
    • Develop a detailed plan of action to satisfy executive roles
    • Coach executives in areas requiring role clarification

You benefit by

  • Enabling and empowering executives to realize their full potential and their role in the prolonged success of the organization
  • Having an objective, non-threatening outside resource that executives can turn to when unclear about their role in the company
  • Having executives aware of the areas in which they require support or development

Our Experience
Our experience includes

  • Development of corporate executive structures and clarifying management roles and responsibilities; e.g: for a global company

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