corporate organization 


Your Objectives
Create an organizational structure capable of:

  • Ensuring that corporate structures are adapting to changing conditions
  • Maintaining the most efficient and effective processes and structures possible
  • Maintaining a most effective way of organizing your people and related processes
  • Identifying any problems in the company's organizational structure that are hampering your prolonged success

How We Can Help

  • Help you review organizational structure and management practises
    • Determine your goals, visions, and objectives
    • Assess what needs to be done in order to fulfill these objectives
    • Examine existing organizational structures (if any) and assessing how well they meet the needs of your organization

  • Help you develop organizational structures
    • Develop options on how to restructure your organization in order to make best use of available resources and meet goals, for example development of departments, shared services units, subsidiaries and agencies, centralized/decentralized organizations, etc.
    • Assess the appropriateness of each option against identified criteria — finding the organizational structure that works best for you
    • Implement and put in place new structures or changes to existing structures
    • Defining and clarifying each role within the structure using responsibility/authority matrices

You benefit by:

  • Minimizing redundancy in organizational structures, practises and positions
  • Reducing costs through better leveraged resources
  • Being able to adapt and compete in the changing conditions of today's globalized marketplace
  • Leveraging your resources to meet the changing demands of your customers
  • Improving communication channels within your organization
  • Being able to fully utilize skills in appropriate areas of expertise

Our Experience
Our experience includes:

  • Examination and redesign management and organizational structures in various organizations. For example, project director on a review of organizational structure and management practices for a national organization.

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